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WISH (Women Involved in Software & Hardware) is a support group for female computing majors at the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. Founded in 2007, WISH is still a young community that continues to grow each year. Our goal is to empower our technical women and rectify the gender gap in the computing field.

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Piper Feldman: 2nd Year Computer Science Major

I fell in love with coding when I was 10 years old and I visited the Imagine Children’s Museum in Seattle. I entered a kids robotics tournament, and it was my first ever introduction to code. Whenever I’m really frustrated with a project, I remember that I code for that little girl whose eyes lit up when her robot accomplished its tasks faster than anyone else’s. I encourage you all to find your passion and stick to it, because that’s what keeps me going every day.

Emily Bodoh: 1st Year Electrical Engineering Major

I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area, and a fun fact about me is that I love crafting pretty much anything! Some projects I've worked on involve creating an earthquake detector from an Arduino, building a cardboard boat that fit two people without sinking, and designing a medical ventilator using things that can only be found in a house. This year I've been focusing on networking with various companies, and I hope to be able to intern for someone next summer!

Samantha Soto: 2nd Year Computer Science Major

Hi everyone, Sam here! I'm a first-gen student from inner-city Los Angeles! My CS journey started in high school with outside programs like Girls Who Code, NCWIT, and Google CSSI, which led to my passion now for building projects at hackathons (lately web apps!). At school I engage in my passion for tech by being involved in clubs like WISH, being publicist for Cal Poly's cybersecurity club, White Hat, and helping underrepresent students through my job as a mentor for Cal Poly Scholars. Along with CS, I spend my free hours critiquing websites' design, watching anime, and looking at new food spots for takeout!

Sofia Dias: 1st Year Electrical Engineering Major

Hey everyone! My name is Sofia Dias and I'm a first-year Electrical Engineering major from Sacramento, CA. I am currently a part of SWE, SHPE, and (of course) WISH. I would love to get more involved in technical projects on campus through clubs like Cal Poly Racing! In my free time, I love to swim, draw, and watch tv shows.

Kaitlin Clever: 4th Year Software Engineering Major

Hey! My name is Kaitlin, your current VP of WISH, and I am from Lafayette, CA (East Bay). I think if it wasn't for WISH, I wouldn't have continued to be a Software Engineer. But, because of all of the supportive and inspiring womxn I've met, I stayed in this major, and I'm going to be graduating in June and working at Apple after having two internships there.

Along with WISH, I am also on the club triathlon team, although I'm not very fast. In my free time, I love to read, cook, do puzzles, travel (when we aren't in a pandemic) and do pretty much anything outside in the sun! If anyone has any good book recommendations please let me know :). A fun fact about me is that I've visited 13 different countries!

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