About WISH
Our History: What is WISH?
We are women. Technical women. WISH, Women Involved in Software and Hardware is a club that was founded in 2007 by females of the Computer Science Department at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.
WISH has two primary aims:
1. Provide a community of support for females in computing majors and minors (Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering).
2. Continually put effort towards rectifying the gender gap in computing majors and minors and evaluating the systemic problem.
What We Do:
  • Weekly General Meetings
  • Pass Parties
  • Support Students in attending The Grace Hopper Conference
  • Mentorship Pairings
  • Social Events
  • Career Building & Networking Events
  • And much more!
Founding Members
Jenee Hughes, Tracy Davies, Michele Mayorga, Alyssa Daw, Stephanie Long, Ashley Wager, and Selina Chang
Dr. Zoe Wood
Julie Workman
We are so thankful for our supportive and caring advisors. Dr. Wood and Julie Workman work to support our members and ensure that our club is as and fun and engaging as possible!